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If you own a home or business in Myrtle Beach, SC, you’ll want a strong security system to protect your assets and loved ones. At First Digital, we’re a locally owned and operated security systems business that can help protect what matters most.

Our First Digital headquarters are in Florence, South Carolina, and we provide services throughout the state. To support the areas we serve, we have technicians and support staff all over the state.

You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for a nearby business to service your SC Alarm System. Get in touch with our security experts today.

Residential Security Systems in Myrtle Beach, SC

The main objective of a home security system is to ensure safety, regardless of the size of the home or the number of doors, entrances, windows, or interior rooms. A homeowner is responsible for keeping their house, family, and possessions safe from harm and theft.

On the other hand, a security system raises the value of the real estate that is for sale. A property with a good security system is preferred by potential buyers.

Here are some of the security solutions we provide:


Commercial Alarm Systems in Myrtle Beach, SC

You’ve put a lot of money and effort into growing your Myrtle Beach, SC business to be the best it can be in terms of resources and reputation. As a logical next step, consider installing or upgrading a commercial security system to protect your organization and its assets.

Securing your business with a professionally installed alarm security system will put your mind at ease because you will know that you have covered all possible bases.

Our team at First Digital prioritizes your security needs and challenges, and our mission is to provide a comprehensive solution to address them. Our commercial focus, in-depth industry knowledge, and capabilities that encompass your market and environment will benefit you.

Here are some of our most popular commercial security solutions for our businesses in the Myrtle Beach, SC area:


  • Intrusion Alarms: Intrusion alarm systems are intended to alert personnel to any breaches, thefts, or other intrusions that occur on a property. These alarms can be linked to electromagnetic doors or other door security systems directly.

  • Security Cameras: A number of cameras are installed in both high- and low-traffic areas of a business or commercial space. These surveillance cameras allow security teams (whether on-site or remote) to see what is going on inside or outside a building.

  • Data network cabling: A well-organized data network cabling system enables data transmission over computer networks. Every cabling system is distinct and should support your business’s operations, connectivity, and technology requirements.
  • Access Control: A specialized access control system that only registered personnel with the necessary credentials can unlock a door. They are used to prevent unauthorized access to commercial buildings and areas.

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For more information on our best-in-class residential and commercial security solutions, get in touch with our team at First Digital today. You can also call us at 888-360-3360.




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