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Are you still debating whether to install a new digital surveillance system or upgrade your existing one? Then you should be aware of the benefits that a digital video surveillance system can offer your North Myrtle Beach, SC business.

Installing a security camera system is important for protecting your company’s assets. This includes both the physical infrastructure assets and the hardworking people who are essential to the efficient operation of businesses.

Video surveillance systems offer numerous advantages to your business, from preventing theft to detecting customer movement patterns.

Keep your residence or business protected with state-of-the-art Intrusion Alarms, Security Cameras, Home Automation systems, and more! Get in touch with our team at First Digital for the best security solutions in North Myrtle Beach, SC.

Benefits of Surveillance Systems in North Myrtle Beach, SC

Analog video surveillance has been the industry standard for security for decades. However, technology and supporting software have greatly improved over time.

Now is an excellent time for your North Myrtle Beach, SC business to upgrade to a First Digital digital video surveillance system. Here are eight benefits of digital video surveillance for businesses:

#1) Reduce Theft, Vandalism, and Loss

In addition to recording and storing more video than analog systems, digital surveillance cameras also produce video feeds of significantly higher quality. Wider viewing angles and high-definition clarity are features of digital video cameras. This characteristic enables businesses to see exactly what is happening inside and around their facility, both good and bad.

#2) Simpler Setup and More Effective Implementation

Digital systems are easier to install than analog systems, require less equipment, and can help your security team operate the surveillance system more effectively. To view multiple video feeds, analog surveillance systems require complex wiring to cameras. Installing and maintaining today’s advanced digital surveillance systems is much easier.

#3) Allow Remote Monitoring

You can monitor the activity on your surveillance feeds from anywhere in the world if you have an Internet connection and a highly integrated digital video system.

Tablets, laptops, and mobile devices are all fair game. From any of these gadgets, you can log into your security system to view live streams or access previously recorded videos.

#4) Scale More Easily While Lowering Costs

The main advantage of digital video surveillance over analog is its lower cost. Compared to an analog system, a digital system needs less physical infrastructure to function (think fewer wires).

You’ll also need fewer cameras to cover the same area since digital cameras have wider viewing angles and higher image quality.

#5) Boost Productivity

This last benefit is a result of all the previous ones. Knowing that there is a cutting-edge, digital surveillance system watching over activity in the workplace on a daily basis increases the likelihood that your employees will stay on task, use their breaks effectively, and feel safer in the workplace.

Professional Security Systems in North Myrtle Beach, SC

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