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Home alarm systems are now more affordable than ever in this digital age of wireless technology. At a surprisingly low cost, even a basic security system from First Digital can give you and your family security and peace of mind.


One of the most important issues to consider is the safety of your family. Keeping them safe entails making your home a secure environment for everyone, whether you are frequently away on business or working from home.


The majority of people who reside in modest housing are unaware of the potential benefits of a home alarm system. Don’t wait until it’s too late; having a burglary or intruder break in while your family is sleeping upstairs would be a terrifying wake-up call for everyone.


First Digital provides professional-grade security systems for homes and businesses in Summersville, SC. We monitor our security systems with redundant UL-Listed central stations, ensuring that we have your back 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


Get in touch with our security experts today to discuss your security needs for your home or business.

Benefits of Home Alarm Systems in Summersville, SC

If you’re considering purchasing a home alarm system, consider the following benefits:


  1. Home security systems deter crime: Homes without home security systems are nearly three times more likely to be burglarized. The presence of an alarm system deters many would-be burglars. When there are multiple homes with alarms in a neighborhood, most thieves will avoid it entirely.

  2. Alarm systems for homes enable remote access: Almost any internet-capable computer, smartphone, or tablet can be used to gain remote access to modern home alarm systems. You can manage a variety of home systems remotely, including locking and unlocking doors and arming and disarming the alarm system.

  3. Alarm systems for homes can lower the cost of homeowners and renters insurance: Most homeowners must have homeowners insurance. Installing a home security system can often reduce insurance costs by 10-20%.

  4. Home alarm systems can warn you of a buildup of carbon monoxide gas: Gas stoves, gas ranges, and other gas-powered appliances may release carbon monoxide, an odorless, colorless gas.

    People often aren’t aware that there is a buildup of carbon monoxide because their senses can’t detect it. The alarm system will automatically notify the authorities of carbon monoxide leaks, much like it would in the case of a fire or smoke.


Security Systems for Your Summersville, SC Business

  • Alarm Systems: If there is a perimeter breach, First Digital’s monitored system makes sure you are informed.

  • Security Cameras: First Digital offers a worry-free managed security camera system for your building or business.

  • Home Automation: Combine security and home automation for maximum energy savings and convenience!

  • Access Control: First Digital installs access control systems that rely on user credentials, access card readers, QR codes on smartphones, and/or key fobs to secure facilities.


First Digital Security Systems

Contact First Digital today if you are thinking about installing a security system or a security camera in your home or business. We are conveniently located in Darlington, South Carolina, and we serve the entire state.


We have the knowledge and technology to assist you in securing your property at an affordable price. Allow us to assist you with all of your security needs for your business and home. Contact us or call 888-360-3360 right away.





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